Intensive video course online


The course is suitable for students who can not practice systematically.
Collected all lectures on grammar and practice that pull the student to the level of B2.


Intensive Spanish course, created on the basis of materials for passing the world-recognized Spanish language exam DELE.

The course consists of 16 full – fledged video tutorials, which in turn are divided into three parts-verb tenses, grammar and vocabulary.

The course is designed for 4th place, taking into account the analysis of one lesson per week at a convenient time for you.

The lexical part is read by the teacher of our online school lenguapair Kevin,

and all illustrations are made to order and are the copyright.

The cost of the course is only 1500 UAH

Learn Spanish at your own pace.


Lesson 1

Spanish Alphabet
Vocabulary Numbers. Time, months,and days of the week
Present tense. Conjugation of regular verbs in the present tense

Lesson 2

Use of genera in Spanish
Vocabulary. Colors.Professions
Present tense. Conjugation of irregular verbs in the present tense

Lesson 3

Formation of the plural of a noun. Matching the set in sentence formation.
Vocabulary. Body, body parts. Stages of a person’s life.
Time Pretérito Perfecto de Indicativo.

Lesson 4

Use of the designated and unassigned article
Vocabulary. Emotions, States, feelings
Difference and usage of SER,ESTAR, HABER. Phrasal idioms

Lesson 5

Adjectives. The most commonly used adjectives.Approval. Degrees of comparison of adjectives
Vocabulary.Animals. Describe a picture, people, landscape, or item.Origin
Time Pretérito imperfecto de indicativo

Lesson 6

Pronouns. Part 1

Vocabulary. Clothing. Going to the store.
Estar + gerundio time

Lesson 7

Pronouns. Part 2
Vocabulary. House. Mass media
Futuro Simple Time

Lesson 8

The imperative mood. Modo imperativo
Vocabulary. Hobbies. Delight. Free time
Ir + infinitivo

Lesson 9

Reflexive verbs. Verbos reflexivos
Vocabulary. School subjects. Training
Time condicional indicativo

Lesson 10

The verb gustar and its conjugation features
Vocabulary. Kitchen. Food. Recipes
Pretérito indefinido

Lesson 11

Perífrasis verbales
Vocabulary. City. Government agencies
Time Pretérito anterior de indicativo

Lesson 12

Adverbs. Adverbios

Vocabulary. Health.Hospital. Diseases. Medications
Time futuro compuesto de indicativo

Lesson 13

Preposition. Part1
Vocabulary. Travel. Types of transport
Time condicional compuesto

Lesson 14

Preposition. Part 2
Vocabulary. Mood. Feelings. Emotions
Time presente de subjuntivo

Lesson 15

Agreement in the offer
Vocabulary. Family. Relatives. Holidays
Time pretérito imperfecto de subjuntivo

Lesson 16

Abreviaturas más usadas. Formas de cortesía
Vocabulary. Landscape. Environment
Other most commonly used forms of subjuntivo
El pretérito perfecto de subjuntivo